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HELLO, my name is SUSAN, and I welcome you to my PAGE. I invite you to come on in have a cup of coffee and browse at your leasure. Do not be afraid to handle the CHINA it will not break :~). I WELCOME all Hall QUESTIONS, we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week! I hope you will enjoy yourself and if you do not see what you would like, please E-MAIL me and I will try my best to locate it for you. There is a lot of Hall in SC, NC, & GA. It is my PRIVILEGE to work with all of you on the InterNet, WARM REGARDS Susan. (Antique Jug under Links.)

Coffee Pot Green & White Terrace EXC. </center>" </center> <br><a href="">
Hall CLEVELAND Teapot Turquoise mint> $45.00
Hall Irish Mugs Rope Handles all (4) $?.00
2 6inch high Coffee or Tea refill pots $10.00 EA $12.00 ea.
Hall Royal Rose Salt & Pepper exc.$35.00
Hall Donut Jug Pink 8"exc. $45.00
HAll Autumn Leaf Tin Furt cake Canester 1981 (45.00)
Hotpoint Leftover Square Turquoise Exc$20.00
MUM Coffee Pot- Bricks and Ivy ($45.00)
Ridged Baker Yellow Westinghouse (SOLD))$25.00
Hall Gold Lace Cookie Jar $35.00
Water Server Blue Phoenix Westinghouse((SOLD)) $80.00
Aladdin Daffodil Yellow with gold Exc.$55.00
Hall Baker Dish Gold Lable AL #505 Exc.$30.00
Hall middle size Rose White & Blue Bouquet Mixing Bowls small chip Gold Lable #858$10.00 1 SOLD each
Mug (Flagon) brown 14oz. mint$10.00 ea.
Crocus Platter Exc. 14"((SOLD)) Ovel$30.00
RED POPPY DANIEL CREAMER with Plt. ((SOLD)) " Ecd.$30.00
HALL Silhoutte Tea pot Exc.160.00
Teapots (4) Brown & Green flat tops Exc.
$13.00 each
Cereal Bowls Green & Brown Exc.$8.00 ea
Autumn Leaf creamer mint. $15.00
Hall Coffee Pot - Wicker Platter- potted flower decal$40.00
Hall Custards Green & Brown Mint$5.00 ea
Hall Advertising Irish Mug$10.00

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